Friday, August 21, 2009

Mesothelioma Survivors

People diagnosed with mesothelioma are clearly told by their health care providers that they cannot survive for more than one year. However, with the advancement in technology, situation is changing and survival rate is definitely going to increase in the coming years.

Poor Outlook and Mesothelioma PrognosisPoor Outlook and Mesothelioma Prognosis

To get a better understanding of why majority of mesothelioma patients only survive for a limited period of time, you need to get accustomed with the nature of the disease. Often, this disease is not detected until it has reached advanced stages. This is because of the simple reason that symptoms can take around thirty years to appear once you are exposed to asbestos. When there are no symptoms, people suffering from mesothelioma are not going to realize that they have developed such a serious disease.

However, with new tests development that plays a significant part in early diagnosis, health care providers are expecting patients of mesothelioma to live lot longer. With early diagnosis, you are going to get lot more options in terms of treatment especially with regard to removing tumors.

Mesothelioma Patients Surviving Longer

There are lots of mesothelioma patients that survive for more than one year. Researchers all around the world have no answer of this question. However, recent study has come to the conclusion that the main responsible for this situation is the immune system. Mesothelioma patients whose immune system is working properly, tends to survive for a much longer time period. Keeping this in mind, number of health care providers design treatments in such a way that there is significant improvement in your immune system.

About Mesothelioma Survivors

You will find stories of various mesothelioma survivors on the World

Wide Web. If any of your friends or family member is suffering from mesothelioma, make sure that you encourage them to read such stories. By reading these stories, mesothelioma patient is going to get
much-needed motivation and will be able to fight with every issue
associated with the disease.

Majority of mesothelioma survivors present their case to health care
providers and scientists so that they can use it in their treatment
and studies. If you happen to be a mesothelioma survivor, it is your
responsibility to ensure that you tell other people of situations that
you have faced throughout the treatment routine. By doing this, you
can give a belief to other mesothelioma patients that they can also
get better if they follow right kind of treatment routine.

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