Friday, August 21, 2009

Mesothelioma Surgery

Mesothelioma surgery does not cure mesothelioma and is not even
suitable for everyone. The main focus of mesothelioma surgery is on
keeping the illness limited, under control and prolonging good health.
Usually mesothelioma surgery is not done alone but is a part of a
combination followed or led by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
According to the researchers, this is the best way of limiting
The reason why mesothelioma surgery is not solely effective is because
mesothelioma is diagnosed very late usually. If pleural mesothelioma
is diagnosed in its early stages then the patient can opt for an
extrapleural pneumonectomy. However, if the cancer has only spread,
which is usually the case, then a pleurecomy can be helpful to control
the symptoms. However, this treatment would not cure your mesothelioma
and will not prolong your life under mesotheliomic conditions.
Mesothelioma surgery is helpful for people with peritoneal
mesothelioma only if the cancer is diagnosed at its early stages.
There are various types of mesothelioma surgeries related to the
different types of mesothelioma.
- Extrapleural pneumonecomy (EPP): This one is a major mesothelioma
surgery in which the affected side of the lung is removed. Also, some
other areas namely the pleura, diaphragm and covering of the heart are
also eliminated.
This type of mesothelioma surgery is not suitable for everyone. As it
is a major surgery, therefore it requires proper health conditions
determined and certified by a physician.
Pleurectomy: Pleurectomy is another form of mesothelioma surgery which
is meant to control symptoms. It helps control the fluid build up and
can relieve chest pain.
Mesothelioma surgery for peritoneal mesothelioma: mesothelioma surgery
for peritoneal mesothelioma is not possible for everyone. There are a
number of factors such as the age, health and others that determine
whether or not a person is fit for operation. In this mesothelioma
surgery, the lining of the peritoneum is removed.

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